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Will this ever end?

I thought for sure that “covid” would be over by now. As a matter of fact, last March/April, I figured it would be over by summer. When summer rolled around, I thought it would be gone by Christmas. Well, here we are. Am I the only person who thinks 2020 was a pure blur? IContinue reading “Will this ever end?”


Advocate Like a Mother

I swear I am going to get that made onto a shirt. Advocating is so much more than the definition- ad·vo·cateverbgerund or present participle: advocating/ˈadvəˌkāt/ publicly recommend or support. It is- speaking up, loosing sleep, crying, arguing, researching, pulling your hair out, loosing friends, making friends, defending your child, defending yourself, defending your family, making calls,Continue reading “Advocate Like a Mother”