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Grown Up Friends

Yes, there is a thing called “Grown Up Friends” because well….not all of your friends are.. “Grown up Friends”. As a matter of fact, those are few and far between.

You want to know the difference?

Sit back and enjoy because I will tell you what makes your friend.. “Grown Up” or not.

First of all, those friends that you see out at Walmart once every 3 years that you stand there and talk to for 3 hours? Those friends? Are not friends! Those are associates. Did they used to be friends? Maybe. But now they are not. Whether life just got too busy or you had a falling out, if you only speak when you see each other in public and their number is not in your phone or memorized.. they are not your friend. 9 times out of 10..if you DID have their number and you called them during an emergency.. you would spend 3 minutes just explaining who you were before telling them what the actually emergency is.

“Hey this is Casey… the one from Pinecrest…the one who has the blonde hair…uhhh no? The one who had a dang baby in high school…yea yea yea that’s me..hey I uhhh need a favor”

Yea no… those are NOT your friends. Friends will always have your number saved in their phone. Probably under some weird nickname that you have for each other. Friends will either do two things when you do call. They will either pick up after the first half ring.. orrrr they will hit the ignore button and immediately text you some excuse as to why they can’t answer the phone. Thoooose are your friends.

The difference in those guys and your true friends is major. However, it does not mean that you don’t go weeks or months without talking to your “Grown- up” friends. That is COMPLETELY normal. Heck there are times I have gone 6 months without speaking to one of my best friends but you can rest assure if I called them or needed something..they would answer my call while whispering to themselves “ohhh crap this outta be good”

With that being said–Friends are not the ones who pop in and out as they please or just when they need or want something. So, in other words.. If you only hear from Tina when she needs something and then she don’t answer her phone when you just call and chat? She is not your “Grown-up” friend. She is just another associate.

You can also have those ladies that you feel super close with for an extended period of time. You guys do everything together for a few weeks or months but then as soon as stuff gets deep they jump ship. Those are what we consider place holders. They are fun for the time being but long term it’s like ice cream in aint going to last very long.

Its after those place holders leave, that you turn to your real tribe.. the ones who know you inside and out. The ones who know what you order from Starbucks. The ones who know what you binge watch on tv or what your favorite take out place is and the ones who gently bully you AND your forehead.


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