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Will this ever end?

I thought for sure that “covid” would be over by now. As a matter of fact, last March/April, I figured it would be over by summer. When summer rolled around, I thought it would be gone by Christmas. Well, here we are.

Am I the only person who thinks 2020 was a pure blur? I mean, don’t get me wrong, IT SUCKED. BIG TIME! Maybe I am just feeling like the year was stolen from us.

From starting the year off sick and in the midst of a nasty legal battle, to buying a house and closing THE DAY THE GOVERNOR SHUT DOWN THE STATE. To 5 months of E learning ( not including summer) and fighting the school system. To ending the year off with the least Christmasy Christmas ever and a major career change. Oh and STILL in the midst of the same nasty legal battle. 2020 was a MOTHER!

With that being said, 2020 taught me a lot.

It taught me that you can loose it all and still have it all at the same time. Material things are just that.

It taught me that buying a house is SUPER scary but super rewarding.

It taught me that some people are put into your path for a reason.

It taught me that I can be around my husband all day for 6 weeks and not hate him. 🙂

It taught me that I am thankful for having worked most of the year.

It taught me that I can help others like I have had others help me.

It taught me that sometimes; even when trying to do what’s right for the heart is often terrible for the brain. ( and no, this has nothing to do with my marriage for all the nosey’s. It is about parenting)

It taught me that college football during a pandemic isn’t really college football.

It taught me how to keep my mouth shut when needed.

It taught me that I still hate our school system.

It taught me that I am too short to put the star at the top of a 9.5 Christmas tree.

It taught me that my memory actually sucks because I found out in June of 2021, that I never posted this in early 2021…oh well enjoy this unfinished thought. It pretty much is a prime example of life lately.


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